A special Trip to Bangkok

George was truly fed up with his life at hometown, he lived in a male dominant society, he did not believe in that, neither did he act it, he could not go too far as he would look different or his friends and relatives would look down on him.
George wasn’t so sure of his sex preferences, he went out with many girls fucked most if not all of them, but he did not feel it is the way it should be one way or another, meaning he himself did not know what to do or say, being a softy or a sissy would result in being called a queer or a fag as his people use such terms.
Finally he could not handle it anymore, he wanted out at least temporarily just to think alone, he decided to fly to Bangkok as of a sudden, he had never been there before, but he sure had heard about the city and about Thailand in general, a nice open country.
He had made all needed arrangements, booked a decent hotel room over the internet, not a high class one, but it was a fine three star hotel in town to allow him to make some touring on feet, booked an advanced airport pickup to his hotel, packed his luggage and flew.
Finally he walked into the hotel, to the front desk of a nice, cozy quiet place, with only the front desk girl named Mia and another guy who is assisting her in her duties, unlike fancy five star hotels where you face many employees or workers.
George gave his ID and reservation number to Mia, who had introduced herself to him by then, she was kind enough to order him a drink, ask him to have a seat and relax after that long trip while she prepares all his paperwork and room booking and so on.
During that time George was watching Mia while doing her job, Mia was a super-hot girl, a good looking one that felt different to George, she had a long blond hair, hazel eyes, and a curvy sexy body, dressed in a mini skirt showing most of her excellent legs and upper thighs, and a low cut T-Shirt showing her cleavage and a bigger sized tits than you would usually find on Thai petite girls, her ass was fully round, a bit chunky in a super attractive sexy way.
Although George wasn’t interested that much at least sex wise, but somehow he felt attracted to that girl, she was fully energetic, active, super good manners, with non-stop smiles and greeting sentences, he was asking himself what was it about Mia that is attracting him that much? Was it her looks? Not really, was it her manners, may be, but finally he configured it himself.
George noticed her being the leader among others, she had the top word, she was sweet, feminine, kind at the same time she was leading more of sweetly bossing, that was the name of the game to him, maybe he was looking for a female that would rule, that would take the lead, or else, he himself wanted to take the female rule at least temporarily, he wasn’t sure.
Watching Mia while waiting and thinking he felt he had made up his mind on what he wanted to do during his stay in this strange country, where nobody knows him at all, he wanted his inside feelings about himself to feel closer to being a girl, not a guy, and wanted to act more of the soft one, meaning he wanted to act female with a true female, may be that would make him more comfortable than acting a female with a guy, he wanted to bring out some hidden things in his unknown personality so far.
George decided the woman would be Mia, true she is the first and only Thai woman he had met so far, but he felt she fits his specifications on mind for that temporary life trial, true he had waited about half an hour there, but he was fully relaxed, drinking and watching each and every step Mia made which was bringing his mind and heart closer to her.
Mia walked to his table with the usual Thai polite manner of holding both hands clapped together face to face, lifted to her face bowing and apologizing for keeping him late, he bowed back saying it was his pleasure, Mia spoke the English language fluently by the way.
Mia helped George with his luggage to his room, she walked personally with him to his room, unlocked the door, telling him she had chosen the best room she had for him to enjoy his stay with them, she told him to check the room and make sure he liked it, if not she had the ability to change it to another one, he said he loved it.
Mia went back to work, leaving her looks, her personality, her sexy figure all over George’s mind and memory while he took a shower and tried to take a nap for an hour or so, he woke up and decided to take a walk in the area around the hotel facilities to tour the area around his hotel, walking by Mia, he talked to her and she recommended a bath of walk, giving him a few names of massage parlors and other tourist attraction places around the area.
A couple of hours later, George came back, greeted by the widest smile on Mia’s face
How was your tour?
Excellent, I loved and enjoyed it
Did you get a message?
No, not really, I just did not feel like it
Come on, no one ever comes to Bangkok and does not get a massage, it relaxes your body and makes you feel real good, Bangkok has very special massage parlors
True, I tell you what? I would get a massage under one condition; if and only if you give it to me would you?
Mia looked embarrassed and flushed red all over as of a sudden, it is not the massage but she has something she could not talk about it to him yet, but George felt something wrong saying
I didn’t mean anything by that I was just teasing you, may be your husband or boyfriend would be upset if you did it?
No, you got me wrong, I am not married, and I do not have a boyfriend by the way, but if I give you a massage, you would probably not bare my super special massage which would be totally different from the known ones, she was laughing.
Oh? I could not believe a gorgeous girl like you could be single, and I would be all yours in any way you want me to be, you can massage me in any way you want. 
Mia said “we will see about that” then she continued suddenly “George, my shift is over, my colleague will take over my place in a couple of minutes, want to have a drink with me here in the lobby, and we could exchange informations about our countries if you like?
That would be wonderful, of course I would love to be with you and talk to you Mia
She ordered a couple of drinks for them, chose a nice table by the lobby corner with some privacy, they sat down after her colleague took her place, they chatted and talked about themselves and their countries for a while, it looked like they were both opening up to each other, George implemented his views and rules he made for himself, acting real soft, kind and sweet, bringing out of him the more feminine part than the masculine one, he made sure she was leading by all the conversations, he even waited for her to hit on him once in a while acting so simple and shy. He really wished he was in a private place with her to try bringing out all his female feelings, even if she thought he was a gay.
As of a sudden Mia said “I have a suggestion George, why don’t we go up to your room to continue our chat, maybe we would have more privacy”
Wow, that was a real great thing for George to hear, he was thinking how to pull her leg over into his room and she saved him the effort
He said “That sounds terrific Mia, then it would be my turn to treat, I will get a bottle of whisky to take it upstairs”
Don’t you think we have had enough alcohol?
Not really, it relaxes us and makes us open up, don’t you agree
I sure do, I want that in fact
They went to George’s room, started drinking and chatting again, a while later feeling tipsy George said “Mia, have you changed your mind about that special massage you wanted to give me?”
Mia said “No, I happen to keep my words, but are you sure you can handle it?”
He nodded, Mia had already got some massage oil in her purse, she asked him to strip down to his boxers and lay on bed, she got rid of her T-shirt and skirt to keep them clean of oil, which happened to be a nice chance for George to see her sexy, hot figure as she was in her undies, down to her bra and panties.
Mia was giving George a real good massage, but he felt it no different from any normal massage so far, by then Mia had already had her mind made up about his personality to the one he wanted her to have about being soft, dominated and more of a sissy, while softly massaging him she giggled bringing her mouth to his ear saying “Are you ready for my special massage actions?”
I was waiting for them
Ok, then do you trust me and accept and do anything I tell you, no matter what, it could be something you are not used to, but there would be no pain whatsoever if you follow my instructions
He said “all yours by all means”
Mia asked him to lay on the bed face down, she got a pillow and placed it under his lower belly, held his boxer top with both hands and pulled it down striping him to nude, he had no objections to that, she poured lots of oil over his ass cheeks and started spreading it over his ass cheeks and over his ass hole trying to push some oil inside his ass hole using her finger which was slipping in slowly.
She said “Again George, please stop me if I do anything offends you or that you do not like, same time, if you like what I am doing make sure to let me know one way or another”
He giggled saying “a deal” then he moaned saying “I love the feel of your finger in me”
It is true he was acting softie, sissy or taking a female role, and nobody had ever pushed a finger up his ass till that moment before Mia did, but he knew deep down in his heart and mind he wasn’t lying to her or acting it, he really felt good when she pushed her finger up his ass.
What he said was the trigger to Mia to go on with her plans, she was adding more oil, used her tongue to dip inside his ass making it wet, slippery and well lubricated, she pushed another finger there, he was moaning of joy making sure she knows he was enjoying it so much, to him it felt like the pleasure he had never had.
A third finger was added and George’s ass was taking it with no extra efforts, he was moaning and moving around announcing how pleased he was, finally Mia got rid of her panties, started going upward over George’s body without touching him, she placed her mouth by his ear whispering
George, what is going to happen now is something you definitely are not used to, I hope you can handle it and not hate me for it, are you sure you want me to continue, as it would be hard to back up after this point”
George giggled saying “don’t you dare stop, I feel in heaven already, I have never ever felt this pleasure my entire life, go on even if you plan to fuck me in my ass”
By then Mia lowered her body over his’ he felt something long and hard touching his body sliding in between his legs and ass cheeks, to his own thinking he thought Mia had worn a strap on dildo cock to fuck him and he was all ready and willing to take it, but that was his own wishful thinking I guess, the actual truth could be something else.
Mia poured lots of oil over the cock and some over George’s ass hole, lowered her body down holding her cock in hand and started pushing it against his all wet, ready and set ass hole, she sure did an excellent job of pre preparations for him to take that step, he was semi drunk, happy, fully relaxed and his ass was fully lubed, the cock head popped into his ass easily with no efforts or pain what so ever.
George did not hide the pleasure he was having being treated like a whore, being actually fucked by a cock, he moaned making sure she knows he is in lots of pleasure and he said “it is a big cock Mia, I thought you would use a smaller one first time you fuck me? Then escalate it to bigger and bigger
She said “why, does it hurt you?”
He said “no not at all, in fact it feels like heaven on earth”
She said “then why don’t you be quiet and let me use my cock and fuck you to please you and enjoy it myself”
She kept at it, slowly and carefully making sure he doesn’t have any pain at all, she was an expert in that, she kept feeling his ass hugging and kissing him, pushing her dick in his ass real slow, finally she asked him
“How does it feel George, do you think you can handle my cock?”
He was moaning, making sure she knows again how pleased he was answering her “Yes I love it Mia, I am enjoying each and every inch of it in my ass, go ahead push it in me a little further I want more of your cock please”
Mia giggled saying “Push what in? It is all in you balls deep, I only have six inches of cock meat and you have it all up your gorgeous ass babe”
He said “what? you mean I already have six inches of cock meat up my ass and I did not feel any pain, I am fully pleasured and pleased asking you for more, oh my God Mia, what an expert you are babe, I can’t believe it myself”
That was when Mia started truly and actually fucking him picking up her fuck speed slowly till she was slamming her cock into his ass, the biggest surprise ever to George was that he started cumming and shooting his cum load over the bed, just by being fucked in the ass, nothing what so ever came closer to his cock.
But Mia being an expert in such things knew when a man cums being fucked in the ass means he is fully pleased and enjoying it to the fullest extent, she kept at it while he was shooting his load screaming of pleasure and joy, he announced something while screaming and saying “next time you fuck me Mia, I want it to be a bigger cock, longer and thicker please, I would not mind eight, nine or even bigger cock, with you around, I know I can handle it” again George was still thinking he was fucked by a fake cock, a plastic or silicone dildo strap on cock!
Mia was laughing loud answering him “this is the only cock I have babe, if I want to get you a bigger one, then I have to invite my female or male colleagues to join me in fucking you, both of them have bigger cocks than I do”
That was something very strange for George to hear, he was shocked, trying to figure out what he had just heard, but before long, Mia was trembling and shaking announcing she was ready to cum and as of a sudden George feels lots of cum loads shooting into his ass deep filling his ass with cock cream, he was truly and totally shocked, how could a strap on dildo cock cum and with that power and that much of cock cream?
But George was actually enjoying her load being shut so deep in his anus, it just felt super great and nothing felt like it ever before, he went further by asking Mia to hold on, stay still and keep her dick in his ass longer, she did and relaxed over him till she came back to earth and started breathing normal
As of a sudden George’s mind clicked back to reality asking “Mia, what do you mean by what I have just heard, and what is all about that cum deep inside my ass?”
She said “George what you have had up your ass is not a dildo strap on or a fake cock as you may have thought, it is something real, I will show you, but please do not hate me for that, I hope you slow down and think it over before any reaction, and I do hope to have a surprising reversed reaction which may be a dream to me, but if you do not like it, I will deserve any reaction from you no matter how bad or hard it is for hiding such important informations from you and surprising you with it just like that”
Mia pulled her cock out, got on her knees, while George got on his knees facing her, he almost fainted when he looked at her cock, he could not believe his eyes looking at a true genuine real cock, soaked with dripping cock cream, George was spaced into another world while watching that still hard real cock extending form her body which was a truly 100% feminine body with no doubts what so ever.
George was still spaced thinking again to himself, it is true he was just fucked by what he thought was a woman but turned out to be a shemale (ladyboy) with a real cock that had slipped deep into his ass and came in him as well, but he was spaced thinking how much he enjoyed being fucked by that cock for the first time in his life, remembering that he was in a strange country no one knows him or would see him or hears about such adventure, he could bury this piece of information for ever and delete it from his memory and act it had never happened.
But as of a sudden he remembered how much he was pleased and enjoying being fucked, why should he burry such thing, why not try it again and again secretly, no one would ever find out, he started cooling down, relaxing and smiles started appearing again on his face while he was alternating his eye sight between Mia’s eyes and her soaking still hard dick.
All of that spaced and deep thinking time by George while Mia was frozen as is where is, waiting for any reaction from George, she was expecting anything from extremes to extremes, she was used to such situations, as she is a shemale and she had surprised quite a few men and women like that without telling them previously that she was a shemale and she had a cock instead of a pussy.
By the way, Mia had the full body of a 100% totally feminine woman, no one would ever think or believe or even guess she would be a shemale, even if she goes out with someone a man or woman, they would never find out she was a shemale until she takes off her panties, and she uses some special types of panties that would easily and completely hide her cock even if she had a sudden hard on, it would never show at all.
By then George’s final thinking had lead him to let go and try to enjoy such actions as his body wanted it and he should follow his emotions and his body needs to be fulfilled and satisfied no matter what, he owed it to himself and to his body, finally he looked Mia in the eyes with a very wide smile on his face asking her “What was the reversing surprise that you were expecting from me once I find out you are a shemale and had a cock instead of a pussy?”
Mia smiled back, getting closer to him while pointing at her cock bringing it closer to his mouth, he got the hint easily, he got on his hands and knees in front of Mia took her dick in his mouth and started sucking on it taking some of the dripping cock cream from it.
Mia took him by a surprise when she stopped him from sucking her cock, she asked him to lay on his back, she got over him in a 69 position, she started licking his ass taking her cock cream out of his ass, while he took her dick in his mouth and started sucking on it, till they were both dry, the changed position facing each other on bed and started kissing each other, exchanging the cream between their mouths, she swallowed asking George to try swallowing as well, he obeyed doing what he was told, and swallowed all of her cock cream in his mouth, it didn’t taste all that bad, he felt he would do it over again.
After that they hugged each other close and warm, started laughing, chatting and joking, as of a sudden George said “Mia, I want you to bring your female colleague with you tomorrow, is she a shemale like you?”
She laughed saying “Yes she is and her dick is much bigger than mine, longer and thicker”
He said “Good I want fucked by both of you together please, I feel I am ready to start my new life which I have started feeling its new lovely joy and pleasure already”
As George was laying on his back by then, Mia went over to his cock, took it in her hand and started wrapping her lips around it and sucked it making it hard again, she said “Honey, before you start your new life of being fucked, I want you to know I am a woman, a female that loves and enjoys being fucked by a nice real cock, and I want that cock of yours to satisfy my sexual needs and fuck me to cum”
She started riding his dick taking it balls deep up her ass enjoying it saying “and I want you to get fucked as much as you like and enjoy it very much, but keep on mind this dick has some other duties to perform of fucking me and my shemale friend and my female friends as well who happen to have lovely pussies ready to be fucked by you, meaning you will have the pleasure of sex of both worlds, cocks and pussies, fucked and fucking, meaning I already feel and know you are born to be a bisexual man, not a gay who would be fucked only”
George seemed so happy hearing what Mia had just said, having a feeling he would be so happy spending the rest of his stay in Bangkok with Mia fucking her and her female friends, he also will be fucked by her shemale friends and even by her male friends, he wanted to try it all including being between the arms of a real man making him feel feminine as much as he could, he wanted to suck his cock and take it up his ass like a real slutty whore.
George moved Mia on the side, jumped up got her on her back lifting her legs up over his shoulders, shoved his cock deep in her ass and started pounding her fucking her deep and hard till he came in her ass, he pulled his dick out, Mia took George’s cock sucked it clean and swallowed his cum.
George shocked her and himself when he went down on her ass, licked all of his cock cream out of her ass and swallowed it all, then he took her dick in his mouth, started sucking on it performing what he had just learned of being a woman, a female by all means, he was giving her the blow job of her life, till Mia was shaking screaming she was ready to cum again.
George kept sucking on her cock giving her signs by his eyes to go on and cum in his mouth, she did and he took all of her cock load in his mouth, jumped up to her face started kissing her on the lips exchanging cum with her, they shared the taste and both swallowed it jointly.

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