Flyboy- superhero i****t story

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Flyboy and the battle for sky city

By lilguy

A super powered Step mom find out their son a superhero an fight over his affections.

Author note- This is a commission I did for more check it out here

Sky City was a place of tower building that sc****s the sky. It was known for its tall buildings and exotic bird life. The birds would rest on top of the building and have a nice eco system on the buildings. Some of the birds were exotic so they couldn’t be killed instead some people made bird feeders and houses for them. This created a lot of plant life and whole little community all top of the skysc****r. Lot of the building was connected by bridge and tunnels people could walk on and looked down below by safety of the glass buildings. It was quite beautiful when the light hit. Although it wasn’t all beauty. Like most cities it had danger. One of the City heroes Fly Boy was fighting Firebug on top of the buildings. Fly boy was a Teen ready to go to college soon. He was dress in a tight latex blue and grey outfit with small wings on it. He had the power of flight, medium level super strength, durability as well as an ability to talk and control bird life. He also had the sonic scream, a scream that can shatter people ear temporally and knock down buildings. He wore a masked that covered his eyes and nose. He was a black man with medium dark skin that got darker the more he flew due to being close to the sun. A fireball whisked passed him. Firebug was burning down buildings that were mob owned so the mob could collect the insurance money. Problem is some of this house was homes of people, with them still in it. Flyboy had saved them and was on the way to stop Firebug

“Turn yourself in…Listen to Reason” Fly Boy Said

“I would…but what can I say…I am HOT TEMPERED bwahahahhaha” Firebug laughed. He had a flaming head and red stuntman outfit, thick red goggled and flames patterns on his uniform. He repelled himself on a boost of fire as fire shot out of his hands

“Don’t know what worst…your attacks or your puns” Fly boy Said. He was new to being a hero discovering his power months ago…but already he had a rouges gallery

“Oh nice Joke…what a wicked BURN” Firebug Said shooting a stream of fire. He dodges ducking under a bridge as he shot toward. He screams his sonic scream knocking firebug into the building. Suddenly his phone rang. He put it on Bluetooth. It was his dad. His parent didn’t know about his superhero life. “Hey pop…sorry I am running late. After school study went a bit over time”

“Well make it home quick. Your step mom is cooking Dinner. She wants us to be close as a f****y. She thinks you don’t like her since you been coming home late, and dodging f****y night”

“I don’t mean to Dad…it just lately I been a bit…distracted is all” Flyboy Said. He saw a fireball heading toward a bridge with people on it. He grabbed them flying out of the way. The fire was burning his outfit. He put them down on the bridge and spun around getting the fire out “You know things been hectic”

“Soon This City think they know fear…they know destruction. But really things have be chilled….it just been shimmer till now. Now it time for me to turn up THE HEAT” Firebug Said

“OH SHUT UP” Flyboy Said punching him

“Did you just tell me to shut up” His Father Said

“No…No it was some guy talking in the library to line”

“Listen Son. Need you to step up and be a man. Know me marrying another woman that not your mother is tough. I know how close you been with your mother. She always calls you her little hero. But now I need you to step up and be a hero for real. For the f****y.”

“Sure thing dad” Fly boy Said and tackled Firebug. They headed toward a penthouse building crashing through the sun roof. He flew over here enough to know they had a pool. He crashed him in the pool “Sure I will be the hero”

The water put out the fire in firebug. It was one of firebug weakness. He then knocked him out. He picked him up and saw the owner of the penthouse in his robe.

“Sorry about the damage sir” He said

“Don’t mention it” The owner Said a bit shocked

He flew Firebug up and toward the police. He put him with the police and flew off. He snuck into his bedroom and quickly changes. His room had poster of various superhero women. Some of them were Ghai, The Terminatrix, Venus Girl, and The Amazon among others. The poster of the Terminatrix was a tall muscle bound, sexy black woman dress in leather with her foot on the chest of Captain Nazi Chest. A famous picture that was on the cover of the times. That poster got him through puppetry. He put a secret compartment behind him where he hid his super suit. He now was Billy Green ordinary student. He walked down stairs and saw his father

“Hey son when you get in” His Dad Said helping fix the table

“Couple of minutes ago. Said much of a been busy” He Said

His dad was tall man with a grey patch on his hair. He kind of had all American man vibe. He wore glasses and was a professor in criminology at the local college.

“Your hair all wet” His Dad Said

“Waterfoutain as acting up. Got a bit of a splash” He Said

“Dinner Ready” His Stepmom Said

She came in the room. She was a radiant woman. A sexy tall Hispanic lady name Vicky Rose. Her hair was long and down her back. She stood 6.5 with and wore a lot of skimpy clothes. Even for a lady of her age she was hot. Dad did not remarry young. She was about the same age of his mother. She had a kick body, tight ass you could bounce a quarter out of and she didn’t mind showing them off. She wore Apple bottom Jeans that hugged tightly to her big H cup breast. Her stomach was nice and flat with six pack abs. Thick muscles. Billy didn’t know but the clothes hidden a nice muscle bound body. She was wearing a tight shirt and coat. The shirt hugged to her tits and bounce as her wall. She had Carmel skin and thick lips. She reminds him of darker skin version of the Latino girl from Modern f****y. She was trying to get close to him. She actually secret found him cute, and thought if things were different he make a good lay. Maybe things didn’t have to be different for that she would sometime think in some of her more lewd moment. Billy like her well enough. He could see what his dad saw in her. She was outgoing, fun, and energetic. His dad was more of the book worm. She would sometime make him blush when she commented on his young body, and why a handsome guy like him getting more girls isn’t. The clothes were also distracting. He didn’t like having sexual thoughts about his step mom but the outfits she was wearing wasn’t helping. Those were minor issue. She got pushy into his life at the wrong time. She wanted to get to know him at the same time he was trying to have a secret Identity. His dad always was a worry worth, steering him away from dangerous activity. He didn’t even want him into sports and wanted him to be home early. He didn’t want to think what would happen if they found out he was a superhero. It was getting harder to make up reason for his bruise. Luckily he healed fast. But it was only so many “I fail down the steps” excuses before they would start to think he had a drink problem

“Sit down sweet. You so skin and bones. Made veggies and Fish for you, over rice with some nice seasoning. Know you hesitant about eating other meat”

“Well he mostly stays away from poultry for some reason lately…anything with wings it seems” His Dad Said

“Hmmmm that’s an odd diet” Vicky Said

“Well heard most birds are filthy…filthy creature” He Said. He knew the bird community would tear him a new asshole if he heard that. That was a stereotype they hated and would chirp about it all the time

Talking to birds were fun but most of the time they didn’t have a lot to say but love to talk about random shit, namely what worms they eat, places to get food, and bird gossip about which bird fucking who. It was kind irritating. They didn’t know when to be quiet. But they were helpful being his eyes and ears about crime.

“Well nothing to much trouble for my little man” She said. She rubbed his chest as she put the food down in front of him. Her big breast was against his back. Her nipples were rock hard an against his back. She held back a giggle as he saw his lower lips quiver. His lower lips always quiver when he got turn on or nervous. She had a very fit body. Looking at her always gave her and erection “Honey your blushing is it something wrong”

“No I am good…just hot in here is all” He Said

She “accidently” spilled some juice on his crotch. She started rubbing it pretending to wipe it down. He had a nice size erection in his pants

“Let me get that…Don’t want to make a mess in….I mean on your pants” She Said

“No…that ok you need to” He Said a bit nervous

“Nonsense my dear” She Said. She started rubbing his legs. She could feel his shaft down his legs. He was getting hard already dripping precum down his leg. It went down to his sneaker. She was rubbing in faster. Her breast was against his face and arm. He could feel the heat from her body “You got to give strong and fast rubs to get the juice out of it. You don’t want to just rub the stain in your pants. Now see all gone”

She sat down and they started to eat the food. She manages to drip out of her outfit every time she bent over and it oozed out of her shirt.

“So do you have any girlfriend let? A young handsome man like you should have to breaking down the door” Vicky Said. His dad blushed as she was secretly playing with his cock under the table. She was very sexual

“Now…mmmmff dear don’t think he wants to get into mmmmf that” His Dad Said

“Oh Hush Dear. It ok…where all adults at the table” She Said. His dad quiet up. She was clearly the one that wore the pants in the f****y. She was stroking his cock through his pants with her eye on him. She took a bottle of wine and poured it in her glass. She took a sip, slowly licking the top of the glass. The size of the glass could fill 5 regular glasses. She drank it all time “Come on Billy have you got a person your interested is”

“No….not let. I haven’t really had much luck” He Said

“Oh shame. You’re smart and handsome. I know you’re into women and thinking about it. I saw your Poster of women like VENUS girl. No women giving you hints. Sometimes boys don’t get hints, when they are not use to women hitting on them”

“No…No luck. I get shot down like Cobra solider in a GI Joe cartoon. I guess I am not as cool as some of the other guys. Just a mild manner guy. I am no Fly boy”

“Oh you just got to be more confident. Girls like someone who strong and tough. You got to take charge sometimes” Vicky Said “Take your father. It took him weeks to make a move on me. I drop tons of hints. I practically had to slap him across the face. But then he worked up the nerve and as you can see it worked out”

He grabbed her husband and started kissing him. She slipped her tongue deep in his mouth kissing him. They finish eating and he went up to bed. She smiled as she went to sl**p. She could hear him masturbating from the other room and even peaked at him. He was looking at picture of Saturn girl as she did it. Little did he know she could see him due to X-ray vision? She was in fact SATURN GIRL. She didn’t know of him being Flyboy but she knew he masturbated to his secret Identity. His father thought he should talk to him. She told his father that it was cute and it was best not to embarrass him too much. She found it flattering. She was not the only superhero in Billy’s life. His mother and Stepmom were superheroes. His Dad use to be the hero BRAINFRAME…a man with super intelligence ever since he was struck by lightning. This made his IQ the highest in the world. He creates a robot suit flying through the air and fighting crime with his high level technology. He was known for solving some of the toughest cases to police couldn’t. He met his first Wife, and Billy Biological mother TERMINATRIX. They soon fail in love with them both fighting crime. Terminatrix was more extreme super hero fighting crime and sometime killing her villains in battles. At the young age she found she could sense the evil in other people and hunt them down. She made criminals afraid of her. Her powers was super strength, super durability, flight, speed, super healing, agility and could plasma bolts from her hands and could heat inject up turning them into plasma. To increase her range, Brainframe later made her bullwhips out of special material that would light up and turn to Plasma when she touch it but wouldn’t blow up. He did the same with a staff she uses. Her power increase by people fear, and lust. Also the more horny or madder she got the stronger she got. She had a love for leather

Their love afraid was great and passionate. She was clearly the dominant one in a relationship and loves to play s/m games. He didn’t mind. He secretly liked it. They married for a few years, without their son knowing about their secret ID. They broke up due to different views of justice, and c***d rearing. She was more extreme in fighting crime and more babying with her son. She likes to have her son near her apron strings. Her father thought he was spoiling too much. Also they didn’t know if their son had powers. Terminatrix Aka “Rachel Steed” wanted her son to be a superhero if he ever got powers. His dad thought that was a bad idea. In fact he had plan to retire when he had k**s and did years later. His dad was now working as a consultant for detective, sending them note and solving cases from home. The wanting the son to become a superhero was a big sticking point. They later divorce but stayed civil for the k**s. But his dad would talk out loud how reckless and dangerous modern day superheroes. He made sure his son heard this just in case he develops powers but he had no sounds. That because the son (even though he didn’t know his parents were superhero) knew how badly they would react. To the world his father was noted criminology profess Steven Goodman. He met Vicky (Aka Saturn Girl) when and old college had called him to work a cold Case involving a supervillan for cold war era. Saturn girl was hot and wild. They worked closed together for months trying to figure out a long mystery involving conspiracy and people high in power. She admires his intelligence and made her move to make him her husband. Saturn Girl had the normal super strength, speed, and package. She also had light powers making hard light objects and lasers. She also had heightened senses and X-ray vision. Saturn Girl and Terminatrix knew about each other. They did not get along. Terminatrix did not like some harlots hanging around and flirting with her son. She notices his flirtations and didn’t like it. He saw her as a threat. Saturn Girl also saw Terminatrix as a threat because she wanted to be close to the son and knew he was a mama boy. Also she felt like she had to compete with Terminatrix in her husband’s eyes sometimes.

“Ohhh fuck Saturn Girl” Billy Said to himself looking at the picture. He then looked at the picture of the Terminatrix masturbating

“Bitch” Vicky Said to herself and cut off the X-ray vision

Saturn Girl was flying through the sky. Silk Specter had a green masked that covered part of her face but showed her lips and beautiful eyes. She was wearing a tight green top wrapped tightly around her breast. It was like a big latex scarf. Her nipples were point stretching the fabric. The shirt showed off her abs. She had black belt with a gold belt buckle with the symbols “SG” on it. She had tight green pants nice and tight showing Camel Toe and hug to her ass going up her ass crack. The outfit was light let very durablilly. She moved easy. She also had stiletto high heels, green. Her cape was green and she had some gold bracelets. The shirt sleeves were short so people could see her muscles arms that were dripping with sweat. She had green hair now, due to adding instant dye. Her eyes were already deep green. She had a gold choker that brought out the green. Her lipstick was green and show was her nails polish. She had sexy eyes shadow and make up. She was dress to the nine her lips were full. She stood on top of a gargoyle statue looking over the city out on patrol. It was a quiet night so far.

“Look like nothing going to happen tonight” She Said

Suddenly she heard an explosion in the city and saw fire coming up. She smiled thinking she spoke to soon. She flew at super speed. The world was a blur as she moved at Super speed. There was a cloud of smoke. She saw Flyboy tossed out of the smoke and against the building. He had flown in to stop an assaination of some witness. The witness escape but the Villain was pissed. When Saturn Girl saw who it was, she knew Fly boy it was trouble. It was a top Assassin known as Silk Mistress. Fly boy was a mid range at best. Silk Mistress was a level 9 metahuman. She stood there in a red out fit with knee high boots. Her breast was G size and her hair fiery Red hair that was spiky out of some mad max type movie. She had on red latex gloves with spikes around it. Her arms were huge 14 inches thick and she was stunning like a super model. She was wearing tight underwear, red latex too and belt that had a few weapons. She had a tight red corset. She had on red War paint. She had belt across her chest where she held extra weapon like Grenades. Her sword was in a holster in her back

“BOY you fucked with the WRONG bitch. I am going to **** you, and then snapped you like a twig, and then **** your crippled body again” Silk Mistress Said

Flyboy was bruise and bleeds from his lip and nose. He screams the sonic scream knocking her back a bit. She still stood still as her feet dug into the ground making a big dent. She smirked

“That Tickle boy” She laughed

Suddenly she was caught with a flying right hook that sent her into the building. She was taken by surprise. She made a giant green fist of light and slammed it down on her body slamming her deep into the ground

“Does that tickle bitch. Why don’t you pick on someone you own size” She Saturn Girl Said She looked at Flyboy “Stand back”

“Hey I am not some Civilian. I can help.” He Said

“That cute k**…but right now you’re playing with the big girls” Saturn Girl said. She was suddenly tackled down by Silk Mistress

Silk mistress pulled out a sword when suddenly she heard something that seems like applause. She looked up in the sky and swarm of birds filled the sky. He went down and poked her face lifting her up. He knew she couldn’t fly. He flew in the wave of birds as Silk Mistress Panic so she could see with swarm blocking her view. He flew at her and did a few quick shorts to the ribs and throat, knocking her sword out. He tossed it at the building make sure no one would get hit.

“You little bastard where are you let me go” Silk Mistress Said kicking him in the stomach making him gasp for air

“Find has you wished” He Said

She fail to the ground hit it hard making a crater. Silk Mistress Got up.

“Think some little birds can hurt me” She Said. She fired her guns but Saturn Girl block her armor piercing bullets flying in front of him. The bullets tore some of her clothes revealing Saturn Girls tits, and her big dark nipples. “Think you’re going to be his protector. Got something for you”

Silk Mistress went for one of her grenade. She then notices it was a pin missing from it. He saw a mockingbird flying up with the pin in its mouth “Ahhh SHIT”

Her weapons exploded sending her flying. She was flying through the air. While in the Air, Saturn girl flew down with an elbow dropped from hell, hitting on her face. She caught her in the stomach making her gasp for air. Saturn Girl then ripped her top off and grabbed her by her tits and squeeze. Silk Mistress screamed in pain.

“That for running my outfit BITCH” Saturn Girl Said and Tossed her. She creates a light wall of spike behind Silk Mistress, slamming her into it and adding more pain. Saturn girl leaped on top of her and Started punching Silk Mistress Tits at super speed letting then bounce in a blur. Breast milk flew out splashing her face “You know how hard is to get and outfit that fits these big tits”

Her fist connected to Silk Mistress Face knocking her out. The City Special Police came. A police f***e specializes in house supervillan captures by the city Super heroes before they were moved to SUPER MAX, the facility for super powered heroes. She walked over to Flyboy

“Pretty Quick thinking k**” She Said

She saw him shake and look up at her bare breast. She laughed and it made them bounce. He was cute.

“What the matter you never seen tits before” She Said

Suddenly she notices something. He made a little lip quiver, lower lip. Same lip quiver she knows Billy makes when she flirts with him.

“No…No….it’s ok. Just a little shaken up from the fight due to my brain getting knocked around. I seen breast…Plenty of breast” He Said. He tried to speak in a grizzle tone, faking his voice. She knew it was fake

She scans him with X-ray vision. She saw that it was Billy, her Step son. She wanted to do a back flip. It was time to make a move.

“Come we both know that not True…BILLY” She said kneeling down whipping him in ear. He was shocked by what she said “Shall we take a little trip”

She grabbed him and flew in the air. She had him in a tight grip as he tried to get out. She was clearly the stronger of the two. She hugged him and landed on a roof top of a building. She smiled and pushed him against a wall of the entrance of the roof top.

“So I was thinking we made a good team back there. You’re a smart k**. Mixed a little brain with my brawn we could make a great team. In fact we could really get close together” She Said. She put her hand down his pants and grabbed his

He moaned. She pushed her breast against him as she pulled his cock from his pants and started stroking. He was fully erect now and dripping pre cum

“What you mean like Join other heroes in a Justice league sort of” He Said. “Now wait someone can see us. Don’t want to rush things”

“No one will see us Honey where the highest building around are. Comes on. I know you want me. And I don’t think of it as a full team. More of a Duo. You can be my Sidekick SATURN BOY. Can get a tight little outfit for you that hug around your tight little ass”

“Sidekick I am nobody sidekick. I been heroing for quite a while” He Said pushing her away

“Really…how long baby” She said in a sultry voice. She made giant green hands and grabbed her to her “For how long a whole month”

“3 months” He Said

“Ooooooo 3…you’re an expert” She said. She spun him. Billy tucked his cock in. She put her hand down his pants stroking him with her latex hands and holding him tight. She squeezes his balls. She put her lips against his neck and started sucking on it. She was stroking him nice and fast and had a tight grip. She gripped her hand around his neck “Lot of dangerous people out there. Remember this one young guy who assisted on going solo. The k** JUSTICE. He called himself. Cute young man…great little ass. Not as good as yours. Well this big Lady Crime boss wanted him. His fault for wearing those tight little outfits. Well she got a couple of like minded women and captures him. The ran a train on him using all sorts of sex toys. They made him suck their pussies, filled him up with liquid Viagra so they could ride him cock. They made him cum again and again for weeks. Tape it. Now he became the crime boss little slut…a pet for her to play with. I know there a lot of people who want this little body”

He started too moaned as she was touching him. He was close to cumming. He had to get him senses back. He spun around and pushed her away. He backed off pushing his cock back into his pants. Vicky licked the pre cum off his hands

“I won’t end up like that. Because I got plan. And what make you think you would such a great teacher” He Said “Plus how the heck you know my name

“Well I know you well Sweetie” She Said. She sultry over. She turns around showing off her ass. She slapped her ass making her jiggle. She took off her mask. She turned back around “Hello step Son”

He gasps. He backed away and fails over. He was shocked. He didn’t know she was a superhero. Vicky made a laughed and stood over him. She places her high heel boot on his crotch. She grinded against him as his cock got hard.

“So see we already know each other well. I say we do some bonding. I could train you how to be a superhero. I got a lot of time in the game and can teach you things about how to handle you self on the streets…and the sheets”

“But…But your married to my dad” He Said

She and took off her top. She showed off her big juicy breast. Her nipples were rock hard. She grabbed him and picked him up. She gave him a big kissed, slipping her tongue in her mouth. His body was practically melting against him. His cock was against her thighs. He was rock hard making a spot of pre cum in his pants. She cupped her breast

“Come on I used to peak at you in your room. I used to watch you jerk your cock like a spider monkey, making you cum all over myself. You use to watch and stare at me every day” She said

“But…No….I can’t do this. This is wrong” He Said

“Come on baby. I can protect you and watch out for you. I can show you all types of sexual pleasure. Rock your world k**. Maybe pop that little cherry of you making it pop deep into my pussy. After all how many times you dream about cumming on my tits”

“I don’t need protection. You have to stay away from me” She Said

He flew up in the air at top speed through the cloud. He tried to adjust himself. His cock was hard as steal to the points it was almost much tearing through his pants.

“Cant live at your house sweetie. I see you around” She Said

He went to his house and went in and put away the suit. He heard someone walking down the stairs. He looked down

“Dad….Vicky?” He Said

“No it’s your mother” His mother Said “I just got in town.”

She walked up the stairs. His mom was a tall ebony skin woman, completely stunning and beautiful. She had thick lips and nice thick booty. She always dresses in tight clothes and it hugged tightly to her ass. Her ass was nice and wide. She was 6.5 with long black hair with some blond streaks she mixed in. She had deep hazel eyes. Her breast was huge, J cup stretching he fabric. Her nipples were rock hard, 3 inches long and nice and thick. She had a wild look and his nails with red nail polish. She wore a tight top, very tight shirt. She was very fit with a nice muscle bound body, a true Amazon.

“Well aren’t you going to come down and say hi do you Mother” Mother/Rachel Said

“I am just getting dress” He Said.

“No need on my account” His mom said in a flirty manner

She walked upstairs and opens the door. He was in his underwear. He still had a hard on poking through his pants.

“Take off your underwear boy. Mommy wants to play with her sonny boy” She Said

No one else knew…but he and his mother were having a sexual relationship for years. She had been secretly having sex and playing kinky role-playing games. She was always the dominant. She did not know however about his secret ID.

“What if someone comes in” He Said

“Let them. About time your Dad learns what a REAL COCK looks like. You certainly didn’t take after him in that regard”

He pulled off his underwear showing his thick cock. She walked up to him and took off her shirt. She had on a silky fishnet bra. Her nipples were rock hard and dark. She pushed him down. She rubbed his knee against his crotch and put him on the bed

“Have you been a good boy for mommy” She said stroking his cock. She kissed him and pushed her tongue in his mouth squeezing his balls. She had to be careful. She turned him on so much she could make him cum real quick. “You going to make your mommy feel real good don’t you”

“Yes Mommy” He said moaning as she stroked his cock. She spat on her hand and began stroking his cock pulling on it. She was making out with him as she squeezed his taint and kissed all over his chest. She licked her nipples. She pulled on her nipples sucking it “Ohhhhhh God

She held him down and ran her tits across her body. She smothered him with her tits as she was stroking his cock. He saw that he was ready to cum. But she squeeze and stopping. Her nipples were poking through the fishnet. She had had him suck on her nipple. She moaned as he sucked on her tits

“That it sucks on my titties…little man. Suck the milk out of my big nipples. It was a long time since you had mama’s milk.”

She held him to him and grabbed his ass. She squeezed his ass massaging his butt. His nipple was deep into her mouth as milk started to flow down his mouth. She was sucking on her nipples. She squeezed his ass massaging them. The milk was flowing down his mouth. She flipped a few fingers into his ass. She let out a moaned with pleasure and was licking her lips. His arms and legs went limp. Her body was starting to convulse

“You have such a big cock then you father. Naught boys…have all these posters of these nasty women…like Terminatrix. I bet you jerk off to them every day, staining your bed sheets. Is that true. Having you been masturbating to other women”

“Yes mother” He Said “Ohhhh god…feels so good”

“Ooooo got to spank you” She said

She started licking her cock. She grabbed it and moved down. She grabbed his cock and slowly gave it long and steady licks using her spit as lube. The fishnet bra was trapping in her sweat. She took it off, dripping sweat. She held his arm down as she started to suck him devouring his thick cock. It had a fat cock head dripping pre cum, coating down his cock. She licked it off and moved down. She put his cock between her heavy tits. She was moving her tits up and down as her cock disappeared in her warms it. Her big tits were slapping between her heavy tits.

“Ohhhhhhhh God mommy” He said grabbing the bed post.

She licked her lips staring at him rubbing his little cock head. She looked across the room. She slowly moved down under his bed and grabbed one of his magazines before going back to titfucking him. The magazine was HEROES OF THE WORLD. It talked about the real life superheroes. She opens the book and went to the picture of the Terminatrix. Part of it was stuck together. She laughed. She open. She was wearing her outfit in it. The outfit was tight leather pants with some holes on the side to show some skin. She had belt with chains wrapped around it with skull buckle that was gold. It had the initial Terminatrix. She was wearing an executioner mask, nice and skimpy and red lipstick. She had on a tight leather corset pushing up her heavy breast. She had on golden bracelets that were long that could be used as weapons. Her hair was sticking in the back of the mask. The belt had holsters for her whips. She had on her boots that gave her an extra 8 inches in height

“Well let me see….Look like someone been having fun. Is her tits as good as your mommy tits” She Said

“No one as Good as you mother”

She pulled his cock out of her tits and swallowed his cock. His cock was sliding down her tongue as she wrapped around it. He was turning to puddy in her mouth. She pulled out and started jerking it with her skilled hands. She started sucking his balls flicking her tongue up and down. She pushed his cock against this stomach and licked from his asshole to his cock up and down. She slipped a finger in making him moaned moving It in and out. The finger was pushed to his prostate making him moan. She was grinding into him

“Ohhhhhhh Fuck mom” He cried out. He moaned as her fingers were going in and out as she was stroking his cock “Ohhhh shit feel like I am going to burst

“Not yet my dear” She Said “I think someone asshole a little sensitive

She was working his cock by rubbing her fingers in. He was convulsing and shaking with pleasure. She spit on his cock making a necklace of saliva from her lips to his cock. Her lips were nice and soft. It felt amazing. She loved bringing him over the edge, giving him more pleasure then he could take. Her tongue was flicking all over his cock

“Such a nice boy. So nice to her mother” She Said. She put his cock back between her tits and squeezing her breast around it pushing them together trapping it in. She went into her back and poured some baby oil on her tits as he was sliding. She kept him on the edge slowing down when he was about to cum. She was edging him “Ooooo love your little face when you’re close to cumming. So cute. Just hold on their son. Enjoy the ride. I know I can be a rough ride sometime. Your mom just kept helps herself. Just love fucking my big man’s brain out

She started moving faster and faster. Her tits were glistening with oil with the lamp light flashing off it. He could almost see his reflection in it as she was grinding against him. She grabbed his ass massaging it as she had her big ass up in the air swinging back and fourth

“Cum for me baby…SHOOT that fat load on mom tits” She Said. She felt long ropes of cum shooting between her tits. She smiled as the cum was dripping down her tits. She licked it, lapping up the cum as she was dripping down “Mmmmmm Sweet as always”

She stood up and held his flaccid cock. She gave it a squeeze running her fingers across his chest. It made him tingle. She gropes his balls and then squeezes his taint. He moaned as she sat by the bed and played with his hair.

“Ahhhhhhhh it went soft on me. Don’t worry. Know how to get my baby hard again. But why I wait. How you and your new step mom coming on”

“She ok I guess. But…She a bit a pushy”

“She just wants to get to know you. Be nice….but not as nice as your are to me of course” She said with a wink “Now what are we going to do with this flaccid cock”

She looked at the cum on her tits and started sucking it. She grabbed her tits and started sucking cum off it. Milk squirted into her mouth and dripped from her lips. It was dripping down as she was sucking her tits milking it for all it worst. She squeezed her tits together letting the tits flesh between her fingers. She saw his cock getting harder

“Well that woke you up. You were always a tit man. You never wanted the bottle…always playing with mommy bras, and peaking a girl’s breast in church and at the mall. You always would suck your thumb when I took you to the movies and big busty woman came in. Not to mention all those superheroes you like. Not anyone under a D- cup among them”

She got up on the bed and pulled her pants down. She showed off her thick buttocks with ebony skin. She jiggled her ass in front of them. She pulled down her pants and bit and put her ass inches from her face.

“That not to say you don’t like ass though” She Said kicking off her shoes. She pushed her ass cheeks against his face and he smelt it. She saw his cock get rock hard “My kinky little boy. Your love mama ass don’t you”

“Oh Yes…its look perfect” He Said kissing it. Her ass had a nice round apple bottle shame. It pressed against his lips. He pushed her tongue as she spread her ass cheeks. His tongue was going in and out as she was smothering him. He pushed against her ass. She knew he couldn’t budge him “Oh my god mother your ass is so nice and thick

“Its all your you naughty little boy” She Said. She was stroking his cock as she was grinding against him. She pushed off him and pounded her ass against him. “Suck on that asshole licks your hands around. You like superheroes….You can call me asswoman. Of course the question do you want me to play a bad girl or a good girl”

His cock was fully erect and impressive 10 inches. It was much bigger than his father. She would always remark on how much bigger his cock was then her father. He took from her side in that regard. All the men in her f****y had massive rods. She knew that he was only growing and would get bigger. She didn’t know if he got bigger in height. Tallness tended to be a women thing in her f****y but cock size was a trait that all the men on her side had. She would tease his father when they fought on how small a rod he had. He wasn’t really a man. She would mock that he had a big brain…and a small cock. She said it was toothpick and would mock him in his domination section.

She thought back to the times her husband said brains would beat brawn every day. This would sometimes cause a fight. Her power against his weapons. He would use the normally tricks he always use, hologram decoys, sticky bombs, smoke bombs, glue gun, and various traps. But she fought with him long enough to know all his tricks. Tricks he didn’t share with anyone else since she had gotten into his labs. She broke through most of his gadgets and destroyed his machine. She would then capture him spanking him senseless and having a way with him. She would mock him that brains may win sometimes but small cocks would always lose. She thought back to that and smiled.

Rachel broke out of the flashback and went back to playing with her darling boy Billy. She licked her son’s cock while his ass was in his face. He was complete buried. She started sucking him. Her spit dripped down as she pulled on his cock stretching it. Her spit was dripping down on his balls. She grinded against him, pushing against his nose. She was blowing him with expert precession. He couldn’t breathe as she moved her ass off him letting him gasp for air.

“So you want me to be a Villain…or hero” She Said. She flicks her hair from her face. He could see the lipstick on his cock and his cock glistening

“Villain” He Said breathless

She got on and smiled. She went into her back where she had a scarf. She went over. She came after him with a scarf. He pushed her away but did it in a way where he clearly wanted to be overtaken.

“You no match for me….hmmmmm what should be your name for today. You not match for me MAMA’S boy. I got you in my lair and I am going to have my way with you. I am going to do everything I want with your mama boy” She Said. She held him down and put a wrist over wrist. She flexed her arm showing off her muscles. Her biceps were like to large g****fruits. She licked her long tongue across her biceps “Your honestly thought you were a match for me little boy. Look how weak you are. So puny. Look at these big muscles…thick BICEPS bigger than your head. Imagine that cock between my biceps. Me squeezing my muscles around you, letting it slide between my huge muscles. Squeezing it hard till it explodes on my beautiful ebony skin, sending hot white cream down on me. You would love that don’t you mama boys. You would love being nice and kinky Tits that could crush your head like a melon. Look at them bounce boy. These tons of tits will smashed you into the ground. Although see you have a nice muscle between your legs I see. Think I make it mind mama boys. Think I control it…and make it my trophy”

“You never get away with this Ass woman” He Said

She smiled thinking about how many Supervillans she fought that would love to have a way with him. That why she somewhat understood her husband hesitant for him to become a superhero. But she figure if he ever gotten powers, with her training she would turn him into a proper heroes who can avoid that and maybe even used seduction to his advantage.

“Ohhhhh I think I will MAMA’S boy…for I have you in my clutches” She Said. She ran her long nails across his back and tried his wrist with the scarves. She then bent him over “Now This little ass of yours can cash the checks that mouth of your write”

She spanked him across the ass making him moan. It big sting of pain went through his body. She put him over her knee feeling his hard cock against him. She held back, not wanting to hurt him to bad. Just enough string for painful pleasure. She slapped him again across the ass.

“Do you yield…BOY” She Said. She started spanking his ass hard. His cock was trapped between her thighs. Saying Yield were there safe words

“NEVER” He Said

“Ohhhh think I just have to pick up the pace wont me mama boy. For Ass woman ALWAYS GET HER MAN!!” She laughed and evil laughter. She heard many a villain laugh a crazy laugh that she had it down pack. She started spanking his ass faster leaving red marks and nice hand prints on his ass. He moans as she rubbed her thighs against his cock trapping it “You WILL submit boy. You will yield to me and be my slave”

“Ohhh God I yield” He cried

“What was that…cant hear you. Much be getting depth in my old age” She teases spanking harder than before.

“I yield” He screamed

She took him off her and d****d him over her shoulder. She turns to the mirror showing him her thick ass and back muscles. She knew he loved being carried and seeing her muscles. She jumped up and down making her ass cheeks slapped together. Sweat flew off them as her big cheeks slapping echoed through the room. She flexed her arms and looked back

“You weren’t really a match for me” She Said

She sat on the bed and put him down. She motions him over. He put his face between her strong thighs. She closes tightly around him. Not enough to crush him but clearly to show that she could.

“Suck my pussy boy” She Said. She put her head back as he licked. Her long tongue going up and down. She had trained him to be quite a good pussy licker. He licked around taking his time waiting for her pussy to get nice and wet, teasing all her sensitive areas. He always started sucking on the lips and then licking and sucking the area around her pussy between her thighs “Yessssssssss…that’s it mama boy lick me suck me. That’s a good little slut. Mmmmmmmmm that it likes a good lollypop”

She tapped on his head to go faster. Soon he would start sucking. She squeezes her thighs hard pushing him deeper in. His lips sucked on her clitoris and she made a moaned. She licked her lips enjoying watching him. She took handfuls of his hair. That one thing him and his father had in common…both went to licking pussy pretty well. She figures that did a submissive side in them want to serve. She thought she could train her son to be a great lover.

“Yessss right there” She moaned. “Right there….yesss…keeps sucking…keep sucking”

She grabbed his hair. Her body shook as she had an intense climax that shook through her body. It lasted 2 minutes as she fucked his face rapidly. He knew not to stop sucking. She would have to cum at least 3 times on him

“Better lick boy…lick till your tongue sore. I am going to ride that cock all night. ITS BELONGS to me. You hear me boy. Don’t you dare stop licking” She Said

His phone vibrated due to just getting a message. She notices. A couple of more messages came. She smiled thinking it was a girl calling him. She closes her thighs around her ears to muffle the sound. She let him get a little air every now and then. She slowly grabbed the phone and was shocked what she saw. There was Vicky, Aka Saturn Girl in her suit playing with her pussy. The message “This could be all yours if your sidekick with me”. Another picture was of Saturn girl sucking a massive dildo; another had the dildo between her heavy caramel tits. Another of her looking down at the phone with her ass shaking in the air

“That bitch” She thought

A storm of thoughts went into her head. First off it clear that he Son know that Saturn Girl was Vicky. She wonders if Billy knew her birth mother was Terminatrix…or his Dad was BRAINDRAIN. No…No. She thought she would of notice it…he would have had a reaction to her talking about Terminatrix. But why did she want him to be her Sidekick. Did he have powers? IF he did…he was going to sidekick for her. That BITCH…was trying to take her son. She knew Billy was always knocked out after having sex with her. So she acted like everything natural and came on him one more time. She pulled his face out, covered in pussy juice. She was squirted, his lungs filled with her pussy juice over flowing from her mouth. His wrist was still tied. She lifted him up and slammed him on the bed

“Now I take what is MIND” She Said

She took him inside him and closes her legs around him. She rode him. She always felt amazing to him. He moaned and cried tears of pleasure. She lifted his body with every thrust stretching out. He only came when she wanted him to. She had complete control over his body by now to do it. She fucked with rage.

“How Dare that bitch moved in on my boy” She thought

She slammed down hard breaking the bed. He cried out as she covered his mouth not to wake the neighbors.

“Guess the bed getting old. Get you a new one” She said, breaking character to explain why the bed broke. She went back “Your screams won’t be heard mama boys you’re all mind”

He came deep into her, long streams of cum but she didn’t stop. Her pussy stretching his cock, making it hard again. Her anger turns to excitement. She always thought if he ever had powers, she would take full custody of him and make him her sidekick. Her hearts was pounding thinking of how fun it would be. But first she had to take Saturn Girl down and deal with her husband. She grinds against him. A second climax hit them both. It was the most intense one let for her. He lasted 4 minutes. His lasted 6…shaking his body to all his worth. He was nearly passed out but she slapped him awake riding.

“Don’t you passed out on me let boy” She said her tits swinging back and forth. She smothered him grinding him against the wall

His arms and legs went limp. She made him cum 3 more times before letting him passed out. He lay helpless on the bed. She got up. Her pussy soaked with cum. She kissed him on the forehead and looked around. Took her a bit to find it. She saw the Terminatrix poster and smiled. She looked behind it and saw his Flyboy suit. He heard a little about Flyboy. She always kept track on new heroes

“You little devil you been keeping secrets” She Said

The cell phone beeps again. There was another picture of Saturn girl. Her legs spread around a long metal pole. She was had it between her pussy lips soaking it. Another picture showed the metal pole bent. “Imagine what I could do to that cock” was a message. She sure didn’t care if the husband caught this message Rachel thought. She then sent a message back on her phone

“Ok You win…meet me on the Abandon Inland where The Advance Space Science lab was blown up years ago”

“Sure thing babe…been waiting” Saturn Girl Said

“You about get more then you BARGAIN for you bitch” Rachel said

Saturn Girl flew on the Inland. She flew through the air and landed on it. The places have been deserted due to radioactivity. But the radioactive didn’t hurt Saturn super body. There were still remnants of the Advance Science and Space labs. The place had been a huge facility with multiple building and underground lairs. They said since the explosion there were all sorts of strange anomalies around, creatures and machinery. There was a huge statue of a woman holding the symbol of The Advance Science Lab. The symbols were the two globes, two different planets that showed earth combining with another planet. The Statue could be seen for miles

“Oh Fly Boy…are you here…don’t be Shy” Saturn Girl Said

“Oh don’t think she going to make it you slut” Terminatrix Said Flying down

She landed in front of him. Saturn Girl gritted her teeth and made a fist. She had a look of anger.

“What you want bitch” Saturn Girl Said

“Oh were you expecting my Son. Saw your little pictures you sent…pussy Shots. You were always SOOOOOOO classy” Terminatrix Said

“Oh what he seem to like it. He defiantly going to like it when he becomes my Sidekick”

“First off he will never be your Sidekick bitch. And what would your Husband say; if he knew you were trying to fuck her Son, you stuck up Harlot” She Said

“Ohm please we both know your X husband too much of a pussy whipped wimp to do anything. Your son been jerking off to these tits for years…before he even met me” Saturn Girl Said cupping her tits “Trust me I am going to teach them a way of being a superhero. Then I am going to teach them how to please a woman. Going to have real fun with him bitch”

“Please like she would like your small tits, and flat ass. Not when he could compare it something better” Terminatrix Show off. Her big tits were bouncing up and down and swaying back fourth. She licked her lips “Face it you were always competing with me. I am better hero then you will ever be. Your husband always comparing you to me…because I am a better FUCK then you. My son would always be close then me because I am better mother then you. I can beat you ass in every single way. So I am going to only ask you once. Stay away from my Son”

“You know I am tired of you…you stuck up bitch. Your old news your OLD hag. I am younger and stronger”

“Well you’re only Younger by a few years. But you are a defiantly not stronger. I am can whup you ass wit ease. You just POOR trash…Who hook yourself up to my man…because you couldn’t live on your own? You got my LEFTOVERS bitch. So I suggest you back off before you get”

Saturn Girl slammed into her at Super speed. She punched her sending her flying through thick metal walls of one of the buildings. Saturn Girl made a giant Green hammer and lifted it high in the air. It slammed down on the building making a big ball of dust float. She floated down to see the damage trying to finish her off. She blast beams of light into the hole she knocked her into. She looked down the Hole was empty

“Where Are you bitch” Saturn Girl

Terminatrix had drilled into the ground and popped up on the other side. She grabbed her from behind and squeeze Saturn Girl’s breast. Saturn Girl Scream in pain as she scratch her breast and German Suplex her down on the ground knocking her into a building. Terminatrix Grabbed a long metal beam and swung it like a base ball bat skipping her across the ground. Saturn Girl got up and part of her clothes were ripped showing some tit fleshed through the outfit. Saturn girl and Terminatrix face each other. Saturn girls lit up with light Entergy and Terminatrix lit up with Plasma. They came at each other blasting. The blast hit through the trees turning them to splitters

“Bitch” Saturn Girl said punching her in the stomach and making her gasp for Air.

She lifted her up and swung her by her hair. Terminatrix slammed through 5 trees making her body skipped by the hair. Saturn Girl ran up and kicked her in the stomach making her gasp. Saturn Girl lifted her up by the hair to her knees

“What nothing smart to say bitch” She Said

She put her on her back and ripped open her shirt explosion her tits, and dark nipples. Saturn Girl started punching her tits at Super Speed. Big gushed of milk splashed on Saturn Girl face.

“Your tits won’t look so expressive after I am done with you bitch” Saturn Girl said twisting her nipples “Maybe I beat you and take you home for me and my Husband to share”

Terminatrix blast some plasma in her eyes blind her for a bit. She kicked her off her. Terminatrix got up and punched in her in the stomach and uppercut her in the air. Terminatrix took out her plasma whips and struck it across the ground 3 times making a spark. Terminatrix swung her whip around. Saturn Girl was still in the air. The whip wrapped around Saturn Girl and brought her down hard to the ground. She slammed down hard hitting them. Saturn Girl bounces off the ground only to be brought down. Saturn Girl was being choking as she was being swung around. Saturn Girl was swung into 30 floor building hard causing it to collasped on her

“Come bitch I know you can take it harder than that. Don’t ruin that fun by dyeing to fast” Terminatrix Said

Suddenly a Train made of green light came out of the rubble. It slammed in her knocking her down. The Green Train ran over her. Terminatrix broke through the light construct and started punching each other. The punches create sonic waves knocking building apart from around her. Terminatrix Grabbed Saturn Girls breast and squeezed them. She shot her plasma bolts and made her he screams as the top of her clothes degenerated knocking her back. Terminatrix Smirked making her big black tits bounced.

“Come on look at me you two bit whore…you really think you compare to these” Terminatrix Said squeezing her tits. She swayed them back and forth making her tits bounce by themselves.

Saturn Girl tackled her. Their tits were grinding together as they squeeze each other arms testing each other strength. There nipples were against each other. Part of the Inland was on fire from their blast.

“First it lady your third Rate GARBAGE” Terminatrix Said squeezing Saturn Girl hands. Milk was dripping from her tits as she pushed against her. She brought Saturn head down between her breast smothering her “What the matter little girl cant breath”

She was giving her punches to the ribs as she smothers her. She slammed her to the ground with her breast still on her. Big giant globes of flesh covered Saturn Girl from around her, muffling sounds around her.

“Come on passed out bitch…PASSED out and admit you a second best” Terminatrix Said grinding her knee into her pussy. She moaned with pain as Terminatrix was knees her pussy

She slammed her fist ageist her ears. She wrapped her legs around her and squeeze hard. Terminatrix moaned in pain as she switch. She got on top of Terminatrix and started punching her sending her with vicious punches across the face. She grabbed her wild black hair and was slamming her with punching. Some bl**d dripped from her lip. She slapped Terminatrix with her tits drawing some bl**d and adding insult to injury

“Is my tits to small now bitch (SLAP SLAP) it seem big enough when it smashing your fucking face in you dumb fucking whore. I am going to break you in half (slap slap) you dumb fucking bitch. Going to break you apart (slap slap)” Saturn Girl Said

Terminatrix lifted her up with the legs still wrapped around her. Terminatrix had amazing strength and slammed her down hard on the ground. She grabbed her by the hair and against and gave her punch to the k**neys. She grabbed her by the hair and slammed her fist down on her back. She grabbed her by her hair and tossed her into the giant Statue knocking her down. Saturn Girl was crawling on the ground. Terminatrix picked up the globe and slammed it onto of her. It sent her down to the underground facility. Lights lit up and the facility cut up due to motion detector. Saturn Girl slammed her fist into wall and grabbed some wire shocking her. She tackled her and flew into her knocking her into the room. Saturn Girl grabbed Terminatrix pants and grabbed them off her. She still had her holster on. Terminatrix hit her with the plasma staff knocking her into the wall. In the room they were in was strange and destroyed technology. This place use to be a study of wormholes and teleportation. The explosion creates wormholes around the place. Terminatrix slammed the plasma staff on the ground knocking her back with a plasma wave. Terminatrix tackled her into the portal. They were ripped through time and space. The landed on a planet with seven moons, on a rocky mountain of jewels rock…brought diamonds

“You BITCH” Saturn Girl Said catching her with a right hook. She slammed her into the mountain cause the big mountain range to collapsed and fallen on each other. He pants were ripped. Saturn Girl ripped up her own pants and choked Terminatrix with the fabric “Come on bitch get up”

Terminatrix elbowed her in the ribs and stomach flipped her over. She hit the ground hard as Terminatrix Stomped on her. She grabbed her by the hair. The two women was naked accept for the heels. She grabbed her whip and cracked it across Terminatrix back. The bullwhips were going fast

“Ohhhhhhhh fuck”

“You like that bitch. I certainly like it….it make me soaking wet you fucking whore” Terminatrix Said. She wrapped the whip across her neck. She was whipping her back and forth with the other bullwhip “Going to cry bitch”

She screamed in pain as she was being whipped. Terminatrix was showing her sadistic streak. Saturn girl shine some light out the diamond walls. Saturn girl uppercutted her back through the portal flying through. She tackled and back into the lab. They slammed into another portal going to another Reality. They both crash on another Earth through a building called the Daily Planet. They crashed down on the ground. Terminatrix got up and didn’t see her.

“Where are you bitch” She Said

Suddenly she heard something rolling. The Daily Planet rolled toward her knocking her down. It rolled over her. Saturn Girl slammed into her knocking her through a wall and into a bank. Terminatrix slammed into the Safe. Her fingers grabbed the safe making hands prints into the safe. She kicked Saturn Girl knocking her back. Saturn Girl was knocked back. Her pussy expose to all the people of the city she was in who was walking around

“Fucking bitch….Had enough at of you” Terminatrix

Suddenly a man with cape, and S on his chest flew down. His arms on his chest.

“Now Now Ladies don’t know why you’re fighting but…

Saturn Girl backed handed him knocking him miles away “Out of my Way” She Said

They were trading blows. They were tossed into the wormhole again flying back into the lab. They trade blowing flying through different portals going from worlds to world. They were in the rage trading blows with each other and tit slaps. The find themselves opening up in some bathhouse. Terminatrix lifted her up and slammed her into a hot tub. She held her face down drowning her. People ran for cover

“Are you ready to give up bitch” Terminatrix Said

“No way you slut. You’re just made that you know longer have your f****y wrapped around you little finger you stuck up Sadist. Most people scared of you. You think you’re all big and might. Yea sure that bad Dominatrix act scares a lot of people. I am not. I beat bigger bitches then you when I first started and made them eat me out”

“Oh please bitch. You’re just a want to be.” Terminatrix Said. She slapped her across the face while they were in the giant hot tub

Their big tits were slapping each other. Saturn girl were match strength to strength. She slammed her tits into Terminatrix face slamming her against the wall of the hot tub. She slapped it again across the face. She grabbed Terminatrix tits and squeezed them shooting milk out.

“Think I milk you…you dumb old bitch” Terminatrix Said. She was milking her tits and pulling on them giving them a twist. She was pulling on them “Look at the cow spray out that old titty milk. Probably taste sour and nasty

Saturn Girl punched her tits making it jiggle and dug her fist into Terminatrix pussy. She moaned in pain. She screamed in pain as she was grinding into her, In and out. Both of them were dripping wet with water. Terminatrix grabbed her in a bear hug and squeeze tightly making her moaned in pain. Her big breast was pressing against her. She slammed her down on the ground. She grabbed Saturn Girl by the hair and tossed her through the portal. She was in the lab. She grabbed her by the neck and slammed through the ceiling. She flew in the air and chokes slammed her back to the ground. She grabbed her whips and cracked it across her back

“ARRRRRRRRGGG” Saturn Girl Scream

Saturn Girl rolled out of the way of the whip. She made light construct giant brass knuckle around her fist. She punched her knocking her back and began slamming against her. She grabbed Terminatrix around the legs. She spun her around and around. She let her go making her skip across the ocean. Her body was skipping across the ground. Saturn Girl flew in the air and slammed deep into the ocean knocking him back. The punches were creating huge splashed and waves. They were deep in the ocean going by exotic fish and sharks. Terminatrix caught her with the right hook while still in the water. She grabbed a tail of a shark and slammed her into the stomach. Terminatrix shot out like a rocket slamming a fist into her as they were going deep into the ocean. Terminatrix was punch hard enough to go out of the ocean and slamming into the city. Terminatrix got up as she saw Saturn Girl flying down. She caught him with the bullwhips and wrapped it around her arm. She spun her around and slammed her down on the ground. She flew through a parking lot 5th floor. She grabbed a big car and lifted her up tossing it down on the ground causing a big explosion. Terminatrix flew down. People were shocked to see these gorgeous women fighting. They were naked, dripping with water making their muscles and breast glisten with water.

“Come on give it up slut” Terminatrix said. She was making her biceps and tits bounce. She walked toward her

Saturn Girl was getting up. She blew some hair from her face. People were gathering to see people surround them

“STOP THIS!!!” A voice Said

Brainframe flew down in his robotic suit. His voice was booming down as she flying over them.

“What gotten into you” Brainframe Said

“Your little BOO attack me first…and she trying to hit on your son…want him to become her Sidekick” Terminatrix Said

“Not in front of the citizen” Brainframe said “Don’t want people to know our secrets

He flew into the sky with them following them. He landed on the building far away. The women stood facing each other. They explain what going on

“Now let’s get this straight… He not being a sidekick of anyone” Brainframe

“Not sure you got a say in that honey” Terminatrix Said

“Now SEE HER” Brainframe Said

“SIT DOWN” Both women said to him harshly. Brainframe backed off

“Adults all talking. Listen bitch. If you think a growing man…will take his mama over some girl that can give him the best fucking off his life. You got another thing coming. I am going to pop that cherry and he will be puddy in my hands”

Terminatrix laughed. She laughed echoed in the air. Her breast shook as she laughed. Her expression took on a smug smile

“What so Funny” Saturn Girl

Terminatrix pushed her breast against her knocking her back again. She then got her lips real close to her as she spoke

“See…the reason I laugh. Is it pop his Cherry a long time ago? I was fucking him for a while behind your hubby over there back. He a much better fuck them him by the way, BIGGER DICK too. So he all mind because no one fucks like his mama”

“What your lying” Brainframe

“Afraid not pops. Your son was giving it to me for a while. Same as your wife been trying to fuck him. Guess you can’t satisfy a woman dear. No wonder you had to settle for a second rate bitch like her” Terminatrix Said

“You twisted bitch” Saturn Girl Said and went to punch her.

Terminatrix caught the punched and caught her with a right hook knocking her down. Terminatrix hand came down like a hammer with multiple speeds knocking her out. Terminatrix smiled.

“Honey this is insane” Brainframe Said

Terminatrix walked up to him and him back away from her. She grabbed him by his neck and slapped him across the face. She took his helmet off and slapped him again sending him to the ground. She made him lick her boots

“I am taking FULL CUSTODY of him now bitch.” Terminatrix Said “But don’t worry…we will visit”

Months Later

Flyboy became Terminatrix Sidekick. There whole dynamic of their relationship change. He was a complete mama boy doing anything she says and loving it. He was devoted her. Terminatrix had made Saturn Girl and Brainframe her sex slave. She sat on the bed as Saturn Girl ate her Pussy. Billy was on the bed getting jerked off by Terminatrix. Billy Dad was in the corner in Chastity f***e to watch.

“See how much bigger his cock is then yours Hubby dear” Terminatrix laughed

“Yes Dear” The Father Said

She stroked Billy Cock. They had made love in front of his father many times. His dad was being blue balled. Saturn Girl only let him eat her pussy and Terminatrix certainly wasn’t going to give him any.

“Such GIRTH and thickness….you so lucky you didn’t take after your father. I take God every Day. And now your mommys little boy aren’t you”

“Yes Mother”

“You heard that YES…mother..Anything you say MOTHER…. Shall I eat you out now mother. It how all proper boys should act” Terminatrix Said “He been quite a good superhero now that he was under my wing. Cleaning up the city we gather in at record time”

She grabbed Saturn Girl as she came against her. Terminatrix smiles as pussy juice splashed on her face. She pushed the Latino woman down and made her sit in the corner. Terminatrix kissed Billy, letting their tongues meet

“Just a big cock boy…such a passionate lover aren’t you” Terminatrix Said. She let him feel on her breast massaging them. She stuffed his face in letting him suck her tits “He fuck me…3 …4…sometime 5 times a night don’t you”

“Yes Mother Dear” He said suckling on her nipple. He moaned as his hands move faster “It easy with a woman like you around”

“Really…your father appears to show that it is otherwise. You know even in his prime…which is far away; he could never reach your number of fucking. He was a premature ejaculator. All brains and no cock. And what type of name is Brainframe anyway?. You know you’re quite a wimp Husband dear you know that don’t you” Terminatrix Said

“Yes Mistress” Brainframe Said meekly

She felt Billy cock pulsates. She quickly motion Saturn girl to crawl over to him. His fast cock was being stroked. Saturn saw his fat cock head dripping precum. It was thick and purple, even bigger before due to Terminatrix having him use a pump. He started to cum, shooting long streams of cum out of his cock. He moaned with pleasure as it kept cumming. She aimed it so it would shoot in Saturn Girl’s face splashing all over him

“Yes look at all that thick SPUNk. You really are mom’s darling little boy aren’t”

“Yes Mother”

“And you will always be that”

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