Our One Time 3 way – Part 1

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(for prior history, please see Horny for Mum series)

So as previously written, Mom and I had a great intimate relationship for years. It started when I was 15 and she was 35. I stayed at home until 22 and then I moved from N.CA to Los Angeles to go to grad school. The break was quite the sexual shock for both of us after 7 years of sex multiple times a day. That is not to say we were celibate; Mom had plenty of suitors to call on her and I could go pick up a gal in a bar. But it doesn’t compare to being able to fuck anytime you like when you live with someone. I left for school in August and I was not going to be back home until Xmas break. She called me up early November and said she could not wait until December to see me. She planned to come down for Thanksgiving.

I so wanted to see her but I was living in a little studio just off campus. It wasn’t a bad place but it was in a converted Victorian and the walls were paper thin. No way would my neighbors let us get away with our sexual fun without calling the cops. Mom said not to worry, she would get a suite for us in a nice 5-star hotel for us. We could stay in all weekend and never leave. That sounded great!

She drove down on Thanksgiving and was waiting for me in the hotel bar having a drink. She looked great! She had on skin tight jeans that showed off her tight round ass and a cashmere sweater that seemed it could barely contain her large tits, her hair was done up to give access to her neck. She was busy flirting with the bartender and didn’t see me come up behind her. I covered her eyes and whispered into her ear, “Hello beautiful.” Then I kissed her neck just behind the ear which I know drives her wild. She jumped out of her seat, turning to hug and kiss me deeply. I gave her ass a discrete squeeze. We broke our embrace, “Hi baby, I thought you’d never get here.” She returned to her seat and took the one next to her. The bartender had the most depressed look on his face; I bet he thought he was making headway to a possible triste with my hot mom.

“I tried as quickly as I could, but I had to turn in a paper before I could leave.”

“Where is your bag, dear?”

“As I assumed, you left my name with front desk, so I had them take it up to our room. You made quite the impression with the clerk, he knew that you in the bar and let me know where my “wife” was.” Nice thing about sharing a last name, he made the assumption so who was I to correct. “I’m sure you are tired after the drive, we should get up to the room to “relax.”

“The moment the door closes there will be no relaxing for quite a while honey,” mom replied and gave my crotch a hard squeeze. Just then the bartender returned, no way he missed that.

“Robert dear, this is Tony. He makes a great mojito. You should get one and then we can go up to the room.” Mom’s had just been made before I got there. I didn’t feel like waiting so I ordered a whiskey and we charged the drinks to the room and we headed up. As I we walked to the elevators, I was watching Mom’s ass sway in her jeans and my cock started to harden. We stepped in to the car and pressed the 20th floor. Just as the doors were closing a hand popped in and they opened to an older couple and their luggage. It pushed us to the rear of the now crowded car. They pushed for the 18th floor. Mom took the opportunity to rub her ass against my hard cock. She moaned appreciatively.

It took what seemed forever to get to our floor. After the couple got out, I turned mom around and kissed her deeply. I used my free hand to grab a tit and the nipple hardened; no bra under that sweater. With her free hand, she massaged my cock thru my jeans. Thankful, the doors opened to our floor and we walked to the end of the hall. The moment we entered the room, I grabbed her drink and set both down on the table. I braced her against the wall and kissed her deeply. Our tongues danced and my hands pulled up her sweater. As we kissed, I started to massage her tits and pinch her nipples. She pulled her sweater off and I kissed down to her the left nipple. I kissed and nibbled to tease it, then moved over to the other.
She then turned me around and got on her knees, starting to unbutton my pants. “Baby, mommy’s missed this!” She pulled down my pants and boxers, freeing the 11” cock that was trapped. She grabbed and started to lick my shaft. She then started to suck on the head, using her tongue to lick the split of my nob. This drives me crazy. Slowly she began to take me deep in her mouth. I love her for trying but I’m too large for her tiny mouth. She takes as much as possible and then jacks the rest of my cock. I was horny, I unfortunately could not last for long. “If you keep doing that mom, I’m going to come.” She popped off my cock, “That’s the point baby. I want to swallow your come. Now give mommy what she needs.” She went back to sucking and stroking me into her mouth. With a free hand, she started to massage my balls. As I was getting ready to come, I started to thrust my hips. Mom knows when I do this, I’m about to explode. She started sucking on my head and run her tongue along the sensitive spot under my cock. That did it, I erupted in her mouth! I had saved up for a few days, being so busy with school. Come seems to jet from my dick, filling mom’s mouth with cream. She swallow twice but could not keep up. She pulled it from her lips and aimed it at her massive bosom, stroking out the final shots onto herself.

Thank goodness I was leaning against the wall, as my knees buckled a bit. Come had spilled out a little from her lips and she used my cock to clean up the drops and lick them from the tip. “Wow, Robby that was quite a lot!” “Don’t worry mom, plenty more for you.”

With that, I lifted her from her knees and kissed her come-flavored mouth. As we kissed, I stepped out of my pants and led her backwards to the couch. It was my turn to unbutton her jeans. To my surprise, no panties. It figured, there was likely no way to wear panties as tight as they were. I moved them off her hips and my fingers found her shaved mound. She was SO wet, it was if a faucet had been turned on. I pulled my fingers out and brought them up to our lips. She sucked them into her mouth, tasting herself. I turned her around and bent her over the back of the couch. I got on my knees and pulled one of her legs out of the jeans; I spread her legs wide and shoved my face between her cheeks to taste her pussy and lick her ass. “Oh! Baby! YESSS! Eat my pussy…” I ran my tongue over her pussy lips, dipping inside of her and then sucking on her pussy completely. She was pushing back to get me further into her. I worked my tongue out and spread her cheeks and rimmed her tight puckered hole. “Oh you naughty boy! I can’t wait for that cock to be in there.”

I had waited long enough. I kept her bent over the couch and ran my cock up her thigh to her lips. With one thrust I entered her pussy to balls deep. “OH MY!!! YES! Oh baby, I’ve missed you and the gorgeous cock. Fuck mommy deep and hard.” As wet as she was, it was still fairly tight. I gave it a couple of thrusts to loosen up. Once she was ready, I grabbed her hips and started giving her the fucking she wanted. I brought my cock out to the head and thrust it back in nice and hard. Mom loved my thick cock. I stated getting in to a nice rhythm when her legs started trembling, she was getting ready to come. “Please baby, don’t stop. More. More. More.” I gave it all I could and I felt the first gush of come (as a reminder, Mom is a squirter). It was coming from around my cock and dripping down my legs. I slowed a little to let her recover. As she came down, I started fucking her again with long deep strokes. I was building to harder and faster and she began to match fucking me back. I took the opportunity to pop my thumb into her ass. I could feel my cock on the other side. I fucked her harder her legs trembled again. I worked my cock as deep as I could and she started coming again. This time, I pulled my cock out which left her pussy agape. I kept my thumb up her ass and rubbed her clit, which she rewarded me by squirting all over my crotch. Thankfully she was bent over the couch as she rested on it was she came.

“Oh Robby, thank you baby.”

“I’ve missed you mom.”

We kissed deeply again and I picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. We laid on the bed and caught up. We fucked again before taking a short nap. We missed out dinner reservation and opted for room service. After dinner, showered and took time soaping up each other. That led to one more fuck where I came deep inside of her. We fell asl**p, mom on top of me with my hard cock still inside of her. It was a great 1st night. Little did we both know what the 2nd night would bring us.

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